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Having you at our event was exactly the ‘right man for the right time.’ You delivered a fantastic message that was inspirational and right on point, with the energy that we needed. You took a crowd that was tired from a long day and put life back into them. I spoke to our executive team after the event, and they all agreed that you were amazing and the perfect fit for our event.

The Coca-Cola Company

Our company, as you know, works with some of the world’s best and most notable keynote speakers. Derrick, you are among the very best in the business. It is truly a rarity for major, international organizations to give so much direct credit to a speaker for being the primary agent of positive change in their companies. You have a unique ability that inspires teamwork and individual effort.

Instructional Dimensions, LLC

Derrick Moore was our keynote speaker and was exceptional. Mr. Moore worked with my manager and myself prior to the event to hone in on key business objectives, developmental areas, and targeted messages. As a result of this preparation, Mr. Moore’s message was outstanding. This meeting resulted in changed hearts, minds, and attiudes. Employees are working harder… Many positive changes have happened within this center as a result of Mr. Moore’s message.

Revenue Services, Federal Express

Thank you for your valued partnership with the Georgia Lottery Corporation. Your alignment with our mission, goals, and objectives has played an integral part in our sales team’s service approach. Your passion, perseverance, and commitment to excellence are benchmark qualities that are emulated by our sales team.

Georgia Lottery Corporation